Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivating Monday

Stir Up Your Creativity

Happy Monday!  Today my goal is to motivate the creative side of YOU!   You don’t have to be an artist to do that, everyone has a creative side that’s just waiting to show off.  I myself have a serious addiction to DIY, crafting, drawing, painting, thrifting… you name it!  My latest craze is finding a way to reuse, recycle/up cycle or re-purpose things.

  Nobody likes to waste these days if possible.  And let’s admit it, whose favorite chore is taking out the trash?  Well, it’s mine; yes I’m a picker, Lol.  My neighbors know I’m always looking for more wood for my signs: fresh cut, cabinet doors, or even an old dresser I can disassemble for some beautiful pieces.  I swear, I’ve made the neighbors into “watchers” because they’ll come knocking on my door with something they think I might love to have!

Everyone knows those plastic Maxwell House and Tide containers, right?

Yup, another thing I like to re-purpose.  I cut the tops off of the detergent bottles and cleaned them all up.  Then I bought the matching colors of spray paint to cover the labels.  This summer I painted a few of them with two coats of the matching paint color.  And look what I didn’t have to buy this summer…

Pots for planting flowers and herbs in, leaving a few more pennies in my pocket!  (Not to mention the cool colors it added to my patio and steps)

I drink more than enough coffee so these blue containers are always stacking up in our house; literally they are awesome stackable containers.  I never seem to run out of uses for them; I’ve used them for storing rice, sugar, flour, coffee, tea bags, cookies, pretzels, and the dog treats as well.  Since they’re stackable they are perfect for organizing my cabinets.  I even used some of the containers for my boys’ crayons and craft supplies too!
So whether you’re talent lies in arts, sewing, culinary, photographic, or whatever it may be let’s put it to work.  Try a new recipe you’ve been afraid to do, learn a new stitch or crotchet a new pattern, and maybe take some of your favorite photos and turn them into an antique look or perhaps black and white.  Better yet, try looking around your house and thinking of what you could give a new look or use to.  There are no rules to follow, so just let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you.  Remember, you are the creator so anything goes!  Now go work some of your own magic….

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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