Monday, October 15, 2012

Motivating Monday

Autumn’s Inspirations

    Good morning everyone!  Hoping you all had a good weekend, and enjoyed some of the beauty autumn has given us recently.  Of course it depends on where you live, but Pennsylvania this time of year can look similar to a work of art.

     Everyone has been out and about, picking their pumpkins and buying their mums.  When the leaves start turning such warm colors, it reminds me of hot cider, warm sweaters, and perhaps sitting around a fire with friends.  As I enjoy my first coffee of the morning outdoors, even the crisp cool air is such a rejuvenating breath.  I find myself also becoming a cloud watcher recently as the sky has given some spectacular displays, both at dawn and dusk! 


     Nature has its own way of inspiring us every day, no matter what the season, reminding us we’re alive.  We all have our moments of stress, frustrations, struggles, or even wanting to throw in the towel.  But no matter what happens life continues forward.  Think about this as you start you’re Monday morning.  No matter what happens today, tomorrow still comes and it’s a whole new day to pick up where you left off.  It doesn’t get cancelled or rescheduled, it comes regardless and today becomes yesterday.  There’s no going back to yesterday, life doesn’t make U turns.  So we have to make the most of each day before it’s gone.  At some point today take a moment to stop and look around you, let nature inspire you with all its beauty, take a deep breath and keep moving forward…Life is too short not to!  Here’s hoping you enjoy your Monday!

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy 

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