Monday, October 8, 2012

Motivating Monday

Inspirational Monday

     I chose to dedicate my Monday morning blogs to sharing some inspiration with everyone.  Why Monday?  Well if you stop the average person while in route to work on a Monday morning, what is the number one statement you’ll hear?    “I HATE MONDAY’S!!”  I know we all love our weekends, and dread having to start another work week,…
..but it’s inevitable that every seven days we must do so.  So why not find a way to push off that negative outlook and maybe try on a new pair of glasses next time.  The way I see it is we all have our reasons for not liking Monday, but I’m sure if everyone tried a little positive thinking, they surely can find at least one good thing about the day.  And so, even if you have five bad things about Monday, you can reflect on the one good thing to encourage you that the day isn’t a total loss.  An individual should start off their day with a positive outlook: perhaps just a smile at a passerby, wear a favorite color, or listen to a favorite song on the way to work.  This is just a few ways to set your mood in the right direction for the remainder of the day.

     My goal through this blog is to spread a little positive thinking, motivational words, or sometimes share an inspirational quote or two.  Maybe I can help turn a Miserable Monday into a Motivated Monday, what do you say?.  At the very least if you leave my blog with a smile on your face or a giggle in your heart then my goal is being reached!  Till next time…Happy Monday Everyone!


   Yours Truly,

           Heather Joy

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