Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autistic Angel Adventures

Through the child’s eyes

       This blog will be my never ending story, because I’ll never run out of things to write about with my two angels.  The name “…Adventures” wasn’t even a difficult thing to come up with.  Those of you with an autistic angel in your life understand why I call it an adventure, because it’s true when we say you have no way of knowing what each moment will bring.  Life with autism is unpredictable
to put it simply.  One moment can be good and the next can be a downright disaster!  But life goes on and so must we, hence we have to find a way to make things work for us and for our children.  Now in the eyes of those unfamiliar with dealing with autism’s ups and downs, we may seem strange in our non-traditional ways of how we handle things.  But our angels are happy, comfortable and less intimidated of typical social settings when we instill our own strange adaptations.  Isn’t that our main concern and first priority as parents...our children?!  When people approach me and ask “How do you do it?”, I look at it this way:  My children have  difficulty communicating, but they can run, jump, laugh, and cry just like anyone else.  I’m thankful for being blessed with them, no matter how frustrated they or I may become at times. 
       So in closing I ask you to look through the eyes of these angels before you judge, and see how they perceive the world.  Below is a poem I came across on the internet.  It truly makes you see just a hint of what they see, and be for warned I have yet to see a person read this without a teardrop falling.  Thank you all for stopping by, see you next time!
Yours Truly,
Heather Joy

by Tassy Tomlin

Daddy, please, just understand,  I’m not quite like the others.
That doesn’t mean my love (for you) is less, it’s the same as my sister and brother.
Daddy, please, don’t get so mad, when I can’t go along with the plan.
My world is scattered, and so I break down, just take me by the hand.
Daddy, please, just comfort me and let me know it’s okay.
I’m getting better all the time,  I’ll make you proud someday.
Daddy, know, I’m not just spoiled, ordering Momma around.
She’ll do whatever she can do, in this new life she’s found.
Daddy, know, that Sponge Bob rocks, I have to watch him all day.
Compare it to that football game, the big one, where the last teams play.
Daddy, know, I sleep better with Momma, beside me every night.
I’ll sleep in my own bed, when I’m older and not so overcome by fright.
Daddy, yes, I know you love me, I feel it and see it in your face.
Just trying to help you understand, for me, this world can be a horrible place.  

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