Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Is It Halloween Yet ?

The same question my Green Eyes has asked me nonstop for the past week, every day, every hour, every fifteen minutes!  No joke, that child is sooo into Halloween this year that it couldn’t get here fast enough.  So we have their costumes: Spiderman for Green Eyes and Batman for Blue Eyes.  The storm came and went with very little damage, so we’re clear of that. School is reopened so now time to make the treats for the school parties.  But one problem, Daddy got stuck at work late and can’t
get what is needed to make my treats!  Unfortunately, every store around us was closed from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon due to the storm(Thank you Sandy)  Ugh, always something to slow me down….what to do?  So I inventoried what I had on hand, taking into account I need at least twenty-four treats for both boys combined (they both have small classrooms this year).  Don’t you love when you go through and find a little of this and that, but never the quantity you need?  Then comes the email; Blue Eyes has his party postponed till Thursday(Cool! That gives me another twenty-four hours to figure out his treats).  So now I only need 12 treats, when what do I find?  A box mix for chocolate cupcakes, SCORE!!
  So as I started pulling out my recipes for frosting, all my favorite recipe books are across the table and the kitchen is a mess from searching for ingredients when in comes a very tired daddy with a bag in his hand…chocolate chips, DOUBLE SCORE!!

All I needed was an easy frosting and I’m set, but then the creative butterfly in me started fluttering her wings and an idea popped in my head.  Something I never did before, filled cupcakes, oh my mind was spinning with ideas!  But I had a limited supply of ingredients up till now, and I remembered Green Eyes favorite flavor was blueberry.  It just so happens I had some leftover fillings in the fridge from making homemade Danish, and one is blueberry!  Word of advice, if you’ve never eaten a chocolate covered blueberry YOU MUST!  I swear they are one of my chocolate weaknesses…sooo good!  Anyway, I cut a cone shaped cork out of the top of each cupcake and scooped out some of the cake inside to make room (Kinda feels like I’m carving mini pumpkins) and I filled each one with just enough blueberry goodness.

Shame I only made twelve, I was so tempted to eat one at this point!   So after I replaced the top to each, I whipped up a family recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting (which is very good on Carrot Cake!).  I tinted my frosting orange for these.  This recipe made enough frosting for 24 cupcakes, which means plenty left over for Blue Eyes cupcakes!  Here’s the recipe:

Cream Cheese Frosting
6 TB butter
4 oz cream cheese
2 tsp vanilla
1 lb confectioners sugar
Cream butter and cream cheese together until smooth.  Add vanilla, then add confectioners sugar gradually and beat till smooth.

And then I used the chocolate chips to decorate them…

Can’t wait to hear how my Green Eyes liked his pumpkin cupcakes and their surprise filling!
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween with your little ghosts and goblins, thanks again for stopping by!
Yours Truly,
Heather Joy

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