Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autistic Angel Adventures

Another Milestone!

I am one very proud Momma!  We had the most successful Halloween adventure yet, and I’m marking this one down in the books!  Every year Halloween always has held some form of drama or a major meltdown, almost like clockwork.  We were lucky if we made it through two blocks of trick-or-treating before having to go home.  So every year we prepare ourselves for the worst, just in case a disaster should arise.  But my angels made me proud this year, so I feel I’ve earned my bragging rights tonight.
First I got the call that Daddy was stuck working late and wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating with us.  Many thoughts went through my head about previous years occurrences and I began to have doubts as to whether I could handle a possible disaster without a sidekick.  I mean, it can be hard enough for two adults to handle some of the meltdown’s Blue Eyes has.  Not to mention, Green Eyes has been counting down every waking minute till Halloween got here.  I had to give it a try, so I got the costumes ready, dinner made, and got everything done before school let out.  Still nervous about the night’s adventure, I decided to call on a few friends just in case; I wasn’t sure who might be around with such last minute notice, but I had to have a backup plan.  Well I hereby swear, I am surrounded by angels sometimes, because I ended up with two sidekicks!  By the time the boys got home from school my neighbor had come to drop off some goodies and offered her help to get the boys changed and take a picture.  Green Eyes couldn’t get his costume on fast enough; he was in a hurry to go as soon as school let out!   Then Blue Eyes, seeing his brother get dressed up, actually proceeded to hand me his costume as a sign he wanted to dress up(remember he’s non-verbal!  I was surprised because he usually gets somewhat agitated whenever we dress him in costume; he doesn’t like any masks, hats, or makeup.  Luckily his costume had none of those, but how lucky could this momma get?  Well apparently a good amount on this particular night, because I even managed to get their picture with both of them smiling!!(Usually a double smile picture can take 15 or more tries with our angels)
Batman (Blue Eyes) and Spiderman (Green Eyes)

So I thanked my neighbor for all her help as she headed home, then the boys’ Uncle accompanied us for the trick-or-treat.  We started on our block first where the faces are familiar to both boys.  Green Eyes had me speechless from the get go because he was so outspoken…every person we crossed paths with he wished them a Happy Halloween and complimented on what a wonderful costume they were wearing.  He didn’t even miss a beat with saying “trick-or-treat” and “Thank you” at every door we stopped at!   Also Blue Eyes was smiling and enjoying seeing the other costumes.  He even impressed me when he held out his pumpkin so nicely accompanied by a smile at every door!  He never did that last year or the year before.  Remember the concern we all have with the kiddos always wanting to eat the candy along the way?  Not mine, they were good as gold!  Even today I’m still in amazement at what progress they’ve made in social skills since last year.
Well we managed to trek a total of 5 ½ blocks before they started wearing down (NEVER before had we accomplished that!) And to end it on a beautiful note, they were fast asleep shortly after we got home.  I must have sat in awe for almost an hour after the boys drifted to sleep, My angels did it…they finally made it through an adventure with not an ounce of drama!  God bless their hearts, they made me so proud to have been able to watch them accomplish this  milestone…it actually brought a tear or two to my eyes and a smile inside that no one could take away……

Heather Joy  

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