Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creatively Me

   The Artist In Me

     My love for art has been since I was a child.  You will never find me without a few pencils, a sketch book and my camera close at hand.  Every day I see things around me that catch my eye and I say
to myself, “I so want to draw that” then out comes my camera to capture it for my next drawing endeavor!  My first love will always remain in drawing with Graphite pencil.  There’s just something special about a drawing when it’s in black and white with many varieties of gray in between. This is an 8x10 I did for a friend’s bathroom. She wanted something to hang on her wall to match her new shower curtain. 
What I created from her specific requests
This is the shower curtain

Most of my drawings are created using Graphite Pencils although I’m constantly trying out new mediums.  It is only over the past few months that I began to experiment with colored pencils and markers.   I must say, I impressed myself with what I’ve done in the pictures below.  Although colored pencils are not as forgiving as graphite can be, I’m still happy with the end result.  I made this for a friends son who LOVES Tigger and they happen to be huge Philadelphia Phillies fans.  
My finished Piece

My pencil sketch

I will admit, I have my own love for anything Tigger, and I fell in love with this drawing.  But how could I keep this and dissappoint a one year old boy who can't sleep without his Tigger's?  Besides, I have my own personal Tigger drawings for myself to enjoy.  If you would like to see more of my artwork, I will be launching my personal website at the end of October 2012 so stay tuned!  Otherwise you can visit me on Facebook, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here or you can send me an Email.  Thank you again for allowing me to share one of my favorite things with you!
Yours Truly,
Heather Joy

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