Monday, November 12, 2012

Motivating Monday

Hometown Favorites
Everyone has a favorite motivation, which can vary in form, depending also on the senses it inspires.  You can be motivated by a favorite or familiar taste, smell, or sound.  Perhaps even inspired by something visually or comforted by the touch of a certain texture.  One example would be a person who grew up in Philadelphia might be comforted by the familiarities they were raised with.  Such examples, if I may, would be watching the Mummers parade, listening to the Phillie's baseball game, or the taste of a locally made Cheese steak.   Each of these might bring a feeling of happiness to one’s self since they are memories that remind them of their childhood hometown.
  Which brings me to today’s post…one food loved by so many in Philadelphia is the soft pretzel.  One of the familiar aromas in the air, never a shortage of supply and such a simple and satisfying local treat! 
This weekend my niece stopped by to visit and brought over some homemade soft pretzels she had made for us to try. They were so delicious…

She also shared the recipe she found from Joanne at Fifteen Spatulas, which isn’t very hard to make, and cost’s less than buying them from the local vendor.   You can find the recipe here.

 She also offers a recipe for a whole wheat version here.

 The taste and aroma reminded me of a local pretzel vendor I used to frequent when I was younger.  This recipe is definitely being added to my list of favorites. 

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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