Friday, November 9, 2012

Feature Friday

Inspiration To Be Thankful For

I love to be inspired!  Whether for my art, painted signs, or DIY projects for my home….I’m always looking for new inspiring ideas to get this butterflies wings a fluttering with creativity!  One of my favorite forms of inspiration is nature; I confess
that I am addicted to collecting nature’s beauty.  No matter what the season, there’s always inspiration surrounding us in some form.  Be it rocks, seashells, leafs, driftwood, acorns…you name it, I have it! (My seashell collection alone is a little overwhelming, but we’ll save that for another post).  Autumn can be beautifully inspiring, especially with the ever changing colors of the leaves.  I’ve already compiled my collection of leaves, and dried them for some current projects I am working on.  I’ll be sharing them in some upcoming posts this month, so be sure to check back!

So today I want to share some inspirational ideas for Thanksgiving; and you can thank Mother Nature and the following bloggers she inspired!

Lipstick and Laundry made these cute as a button edible acorn treats

Thrifty Stories created a simply sweet garland with pinecones and burlap

Honestly, who can resist the temptation to try this pumpkin crème brulee from Design Your Life?

I’m just loving this colorful hurricane lamp idea from Make The Best Of Things!

And all this talk about Thanksgiving, you must check out these free printables from Snickety Things!

Thanksgiving is closer than you think, are you ready?  Thanks to all the wonderful inspiration from so many of you, I think I’m almost there.  Remember, if I featured your idea today be sure to grab yourself a button!  Have a wonderful weekend and unleash some of your own creativity.

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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