Thursday, November 8, 2012

Autistic Angel Adventures

Autism Poetry

Good morning all!  I’m trying to play catch up on a few things this week after all the past week’s events.  So today I want to share some autism poetry I’ve collected on one of my many Google searches on the topic of autism.  I love to share everything on autism I can find, especially if it can help others to understand what living with autism is like.
  Sometimes that helps others to be a little more understanding of how to approach our angels in public and certain social settings.  Please feel free to pin anything I share on Pinterest or share it on Facebook, it would help even more to spread the awareness.

Public Display of Autism
by Tina Moreland

If he falls to the floor, kicking and screaming, because there’s no chicken nuggets, it’s just his way of coping. Be patient, you’ll get your turn to order.
If she bumps her head and starts to hit herself in the face, don’t stare, it’s her frustration. Mom will handle it, she sees it every day.
If dad is cutting his child’s food, he’s not treating him like baby. He just doesn’t want his son to choke.
If she ignores your child on the playground, she’s not a brat. She’s just not good at social interaction. She would love to play with your child, she just doesn’t know how.
He may be too big to sit in the shopping cart, no, he’s not lazy. He wants to run around, but his mom needs to shop. She’s not up for chasing him today.
If she has to be carried out screaming, it’s probably because of a meltdown. Be helpful, open the door. Don’t just stare or whisper. No, it’s not because she didn’t get the toy she wanted.   If it were only that simple.
Don’t talk to her like a child, unless she is one.   Don’t yell, she’s not deaf.  She may not talk, but she can understand.
No, it’s not bad parenting. Discipline won’t help.
This is autism, it’s his life. Don’t judge him, he’s not judging you.

Thank you for stopping by today, feel free to contact me or drop me a line in the comments below, should you have any questions, comments or suggestions.  Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time. 

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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