Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Special Birthday Cake

Sorry I missed two days of blogging, the events over the past week caught up with me.  Between Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, School parties, and my Blue Eyes 10th birthday this butterfly had to rest her wings a little.  But I’m back and have I got a recipe to share!  I came across this cake recipe, from
SprinkleBakes for Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cake two days before my son’s birthday party.

Since Blue Eyes doesn’t like to eat birthday cake, and chocolate & peanut butter are always loved by him, I decided to try it for his party.  I mean, who could resist seeing that picture?  So I checked out the recipe and decided to create my own version.

Blue Eyes was loving the cake when I brought it out, and ate every last bite!  Can't you just tell from that big smile?

  It was such a hit that there wasn’t a single piece left by the end of the party!  Since he enjoyed the cake so much I even made a duplicate(but with green icing) for him to celebrate with his classmates at school on Monday.

So to make mine, which was a 3 layer cake, first I made each of the layers.  For the brownie layers I actually used Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie mix; 1 box mix = 1 layer.  When making the brownie layers you must add one extra egg in each to make it more cake-like, I also baked them in a 9 inch spring form pan at 350ยบ for approximately 45 minutes.  I sooo liked using the spring form pan!  I used the same spring form pan to make the peanut butter layers so as to keep all the layers a consistent size for assembling the cake.  While the brownie layers cooled, I made the peanut butter layers using the recipe from SprinkleBakes here.  This was very easy, once all the ingredients were combined I pressed them into the spring form pan.  Then I removed the sides, flipped it onto a cookie sheet, and placed it into the freezer to firm until ready to assemble.  In the meantime, I whipped up my favorite Cream Cheese Frosting to put between each layer and then frost it too.  You can find the recipe here.  Once all layers are ready, you assemble them as so: Brownie layer, thin layer of frosting, Peanut Butter layer, thin layer of frosting, Brownie layer….

At this point I then frosted the whole cake with blue frosting (same bowl of frosting with blue coloring added), my son’s favorite color, and decorated it with rainbow sprinkles.  Of course, Blue Eyes loves Toy Story so I added some of the characters as extra decoration for him!   

That cake was such a winner with Blue Eyes and everyone else, you know I’m adding it to my favorite recipe book for future use!  I was so happy to see him enjoy not only the cake but the entire celebration.

  I hope you enjoy this creative idea too, thanks for joining me today.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions for this butterfly, otherwise see you next time! 

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy 

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