Thursday, December 27, 2012

Autistic Angel Adventures

“Ausome” Holiday Moments

Momma Butterfly has had a rough time this month between the holiday craziness, my best friend moving, the depressing news on both TV and internet, topped off by my Blue Eyes dishing out some major meltdowns and many a sleepless night!  I’ve been feeling like a piano that’s in need of some re-tuning.  But despite all the holiday hoopla, the stockings were hung, the cookies were baked and Santa came to town without fail.

The holidays usually are a dreaded time for many parents of autistic angel’s as autism can make life so unpredictable.  Any change in routine for that matter can cause several issues such as sleep routine being altered or an increase in agitated or aggressive behaviors.  So every good moment is a blessing for us that never goes unnoticed or without gratitude.  We try to make plans, and even prepare for the worst, but when our angel’s surprise us with a good day we just can’t help but brag!

Today I planned an outing with my boys to venture downtown to enjoy some of the holiday festivities the city has to offer.  This included a ride on the bus and train, walking around downtown and a Christmas light show at Macy’s. Of course none of this would have been possible if not for the help of their wonderful therapists who accompanied us today.  You see, for some it’s not a big deal to take two children on an outing but for a parent to take two autistic angel’s with several social and behavioral issues can be quite a challenge.  Not only did my boys surprise me with being well behaved on the bus and train but they sat thru the twenty minute light show with an awesome focus and attention to make this momma proud.  Seriously, I’m happy when I can keep their attention on a five minute task!   It was wonderful to be able to sit with my boys and share in their enjoyment instead of chasing them around the store as I’ve experienced in years past.  The smiles on their faces and sparkle in their eyes made my heart just glow inside.  To see an autistic child enjoy something they have had difficulty with in the past is truly a magical moment; to some this may seem simple but to an autism parent it’s really a milestone!

Yours Truly,

 Heather Joy

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