Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Autistic Angel Adventures

Make-Up Monday

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been here for a while; I apologize for the sudden disappearance.  My life has been so chaotic for the past two weeks that I had no time (or energy for that matter) for getting on the computer.  I had planned to be back on Motivating Monday but due to my Green Eyes having a nasty stomach bug on Monday, I’m now making up for Monday today!  At least I’m trying to, he’s home sick from school again today and you know how much gets done when an angel is underfoot, right?

So my chaos started with my best friends being forced to move out of their home of 20+ years; this was not just a house, but home to each generation of their family.  Their youngest is 21 and this was the only home she ever knew.  Her father also grew up in this house and it was home to his mother before him.  This made for a very emotional time for them while packing moving boxes and saying goodbyes…even for me, they’re not just best friends, they’re family to me.

Now amidst spending many long days helping them in any way I could, I also had therapy sessions for my two angels after school each day, and the usual things like mountains of laundry, dishes and toys to clean up.  Not to mention my other half has been complaining about the Christmas decorations going up late this year compared to previous years.  So after everyone was in bed I was spending my evenings decorating for Christmas, on top of the usual packing of lunches, laying out school/work clothes and all the cleaning I mentioned above!  Sleep had become a bottom of the list priority, most nights I was going to bed between 1-2am and waking between 4-5am to start the next day…I suppose I could have blogged a little, but I can only imagine the crazy blogs that would have been created at that hour!!

Not chaotic and emotionally exhausting yet?  Then add in a phone message from my Aunt that my Nana had a stroke, is not doing well and maybe near the end of her days here on earth.  This can be a crazier mix of emotions for me personally as some of my immediate family no longer speaks to me.  No reason was ever given as to why, but I’ll save that adventure for another time…lord knows I have many other things to focus on right now.
 Daddy and Green Eyes spent one night (three hours to be exact) decorating the tree to help Momma out with the christmas decorating.  Nice job guys!
 Of course Momma added her own butterfly touch...
(Told you I'm obsessed with everything butterfly)
So this week I am working on motivating this butterfly to fly again with my blog, my creations and making some holiday memories with my angels.  Christmas is around the corner and someone has to bake the cookies, right?  I will be sure to share some of my favorites with you real soon, so be sure to drop by again!

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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