Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Autistic Angel Adventures

Best Surprises Even Come In Small Packages

Well 2013 just seems to have kicked off to a chaotic and disorganized start, but then again I can’t remember the last time anything was close to being organized for this butterfly.  Let’s face it, life with two autistic angels can get downright crazy.  They need constant structure and a regular schedule to count on, but there’s always a surprise curve ball that comes out of nowhere!  But despite the up’s, downs, and everything in between, my boys never cease to amaze me with new accomplishments.  Sure, they might be much later than for most kids, but when it comes to autism every little thing is a huge success for these kiddos!

My little Green Eyes has been working on his addition and subtraction with a lot of help from not just myself but his therapists and teacher.  Not always an easy job when he has a difficult time focusing on tasks.  It’s no joke when I say he is a major wiggle worm when it comes to sitting still for homework.  But apparently all the extra time spent with flash cards and drills beyond regular homework assignments has paid off.  He started joining the regular math class this week!  This is huge for him because he has been in the autistic support math for two years now.  Sure being on a new med this year has helped to decrease some of his hyperactivity and increase his focus compared to last year, but he still had to work hard.  I know it won’t be easy for him, but he will still have his 1:1 with him and momma to help in anyway I can.  I’m just so thrilled for him because not only did he progress in his math, but he’ll be able to work on some of his social skills too.  Of course we had to start working on multiplication now, but I’m not complaining, so far neither is he. 
 Two days into it and we’re both having fun with the times table!

As for Blue eyes, every little inch is a mile to me anymore because he’s lower functioning.  Well when it comes to birthday candles for example, he has always needed someone to blow them out for him.  Shortly after the new year began I noticed his fascination with any candles that were lit in the house.  It started off with him trying to blow at a candle from 2-3 feet away, which I admit made me giggle to myself.  But I let him continue at his own pace without pushing him to try harder, but encouraged his effort for trying.  Unfortunately, if I push too hard with him he usually stops trying out of frustration.  But after watching this child for almost two weeks I noticed he has a better determination to accomplish things than last year, and also asks for help when he needs it (PECS and Sign Language of course since he’s non-verbal).  So with enough trials he eventually got close enough and gave it enough gust, if you may, to blow the candle out!  Of course now I can never keep a candle lit for long because he blows them all out!  This momma can’t wait till his 11th birthday rolls around…I just might be crying tears of joy that day.  Top that one off with a very excited teacher and 1:1 telling me how he independently engaged in a game with a fellow classmate today. 
 If anyone is looking for me, I can be found on cloud nine tonight!

Truly yours,

Heather Joy

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