Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Creative Gift For Daddy

So I’m backtracking tonight to tell you about a creation I made over the holidays I've been meaning to share with you.  As all of you know, times are very hard for so many of us, and that can make it difficult when it comes to the holidays especially.  I’m always one that didn’t look at the size of the gift, but the thought and love that was put into choosing a gift for someone.  When you’re strapped financially, sometimes you have to become a little creative.  As I’ve mentioned before, I lost my job almost three years ago and have since assumed the full time role of Mommy.  That can be plenty of work, and even more so when you have angels on the spectrum!  So after being on unemployment for two years, filling out tons of applications, and going to any career fairs that came to town, Daddy ended up taking a job in retail management to help hold the fort.  He was actually the Stay at home dad until I was laid off, so now the roles are reversed.  Anyhow, thanks to Daddy’s overtime the kids ended up having a nice Christmas, and I even got surprised with a Butterfly necklace and earrings too!  But what could I do for daddy?  I didn’t have a cent to my name, and wanted to do something for him…and then the idea hit me one night!

I follow a lot of creative and crafty bloggers and happened across one called Fireflies and Jellybeans that had created a case for the Kindle.  Lucky me, because Daddy is a total bookworm who has a serious Kindle addiction  and carries his kindle everywhere he goes.  So I remembered he had previously lost his last kindle case and was in desperate need of one (he was using the original box it came in to carry it places).  Being the creative little butterfly that I am, most of what I needed to make it was on hand except a book.  Now of course I couldn’t cut up one of his books to make it (I’d be in trouble for sure) so I picked out a book at my local thrift shop that was the perfect size and in almost new condition…and it only cost me fifty cents from the change jar we have, lol!  Here’s a list of the supplies I used

An old book
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Velcro straps
Utility Knife

 So I started off with adhering the Velcro straps (my own idea to hold the book closed when not in use) between the covers and the first and last pages with the help of Modge Podge.

Once that was dry, I chose what page I wanted the book to open to and made my pencil outlines of the kindle (and a small book light too!).

I liberally applied Modge podge to the outside of the pages on all three sides and again waited for it to dry completely.
Next I started cutting out the area for the kindle.  NOTE: I made some extra spaces around the power button and where the charging cord plugs in.  Be sure to make your cut out area deep enough and wide enough, but not so much that the kindle has too much free movement. 
Once you have a perfect fit you’re happy with, apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the inside cut areas to seal them from fraying.  Then just give it a day to completely be dry before using it for your kindle.  Needless to say the Daddy was happy to finally have a Kindle cover again!


Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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