Friday, October 26, 2012

Feature Friday

Treats, with no Tricks

I’ve been quite the busy bee lately; started my blog, working on more creations, IEP meeting for Blue Eyes, many phone calls caught up on, and so much more.  Well it hit me last night…Green Eyes has a Halloween Party at school and Blue Eyes is turning 10 in one week!  That means this butterfly needs to work on some creations in the kitchen for both, but what to make?  So I did my usual blog reading,
and tried to find a few Halloween and Birthday treat ideas that might work.  Let’s see, Green Eyes party must remain peanut free due to some of the children with an allergy issue, and Blue Eyes doesn’t like birthday cake (he only eats the icing). Fun, fun, fun… but never fear, this butterfly will pull it off, after all the party must go on!  Just check out these cool ideas I came across…
I found the cutest pretzel and brownie skeletons at Wants and Wishes 
This Green Slimed Popcorn sounds so yummy from Purple Chocolate Home and is so unbelievably easy to make!
How about a healthy snack like clementine pumpkins from The Princess and The Frog?
Cupcakes and Cashmere offers some ideas to bedazzle a caramel apple, and my Blue Eyes LOVES apples!
For a child who doesn't care for birthday cake, I think he'll love this Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake from Snappy Gourmet (and so will the chocoholic in me too!)

 Well, thanks to all the wonderful bloggers ideas, I think I have a shopping list in order for both parties!  Thanks to all of you for the inspirations and party ideas.  Also, don’t forget to grab a button if you were featured!

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy

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