Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Butterfly Adventures

It’s Complicated, yet simple…

I think of myself as someone who loves to be creative, inspiring, helpful, and strong.  I love learning new things, helping others any way I can without expecting anything in return, and rarely ever do I walk away from a challenge.  Life is an adventure, a book with blank pages just waiting to be written on and you’re the author.  Each chapter is a result of choices you’ve made, good or bad, they are merely steps needed to climb to your next destination.  Remember the old phrase “no one said it would be easy”?  Well that’s truer than true!  I have no regrets though, I’m thankful for all the chapters I’ve completed, for they’ve helped me to be who I am today.  Lessons learned and blessings in disguise…where to begin?

I’m a child of divorce; because of that chapter I have memories as far back as three years of age.  I have bungee jumped  250ft with nothing but a strap around my ankles, para sailed at 750ft in the air, climbed to the top of one of the tallest lighthouses in the U.S., and even crossed the Bermuda Triangle not once but twice and never disappeared, Lol!  I have only one tattoo, a beautiful butterfly across my lower back.  I've gone thru more major dental issues and appointments at age 40 than I would like.  I survived nursing school (or boot camp as I called it!) and graduated with 28 others who were originally a class of 60.  I’ve witnessed pain, suffering, and death both in nursing and close to home and feel very blessed to have been there for those individuals.  I’ve had my closest family members turn away and exclude me from their life, why I may never know.  I’ve been divorced once, married twice, and recently left my second husband (that could be a book all its own!).  I’ve given birth to two beautiful boys whom I call my angels…they are both autistic and have taught me so much! (including meltdowns, sleep deprivation, and that miracles do happen) All these chapters and more, yet I’m still standing, smiling and laughing!  

Recently I was at a funeral and reconnected with family after many years apart and was asked, “How do you do it?  Everything you’ve been thru, yet you’re able to smile and laugh?!  You’re an inspiration to me!”   This meant so much to hear as I hope to inspire others.  The truth is my life maybe complicated, more than many may ever understand, yet it’s simple…. I choose to live life to the fullest, keep my heart full of love, plenty of patience in my pocket and keep thinking positively.  As long as I keep moving forward with all that my future chapters will be full of endless Imagination, creativity and possibilities!

After all, Life continues onward, so the choice is yours…dwell in the past or keep on flying?  This butterfly wants to fly as far as my wings will take me….

Yours Truly,

Heather Joy      


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