My Story

          Welcome!  I am a mom blessed with two beautiful boys who fall on different ends of the autism spectrum.  In this blog I'll refer to them as my Blue Eyes(oldest son) and my Green Eyes(youngest son) just to protect their privacy for later in life.  What an adventure it's been so far and yet so many adventures ahead yet.  My oldest son(aka Blue Eyes) is non-verbal severe autistic with many behavior issues and aggressions at times.  He was hitting every milestone as a baby until 22 months when he just stopped talking.  It was also at that point he started tuning out everything and everyone around him, and so began our journey into finding out about autism.  During this adventure I was pregnant with my youngest son aka Green Eyes.  Needless to say, we prayed that everything would be alright with our Green Eyes since we had such a crazy road ahead of us with the Blue Eyes.  But even though we had a sigh of relief when our Green Eyes passed 22 months and didn't stop talking, we hit another detour.  As Green Eyes neared 3 years of age, we noticed his speech was delayed compared to other children his age and he was having trouble with staying focused on tasks.  Shortly there after Green Eyes was diagnosed as mildly autistic with speech delay and some behavior issues.  More recently Green Eyes has been diagnosed with ADHD too and lets just say Blue Eyes aggressions can be quite the challenge as he's getting older.  So now everyday is an adventure anymore, but I look at life in a positive light:  Despite all the challenges our family may have to deal with I am very blessed because it could always be worse than what it is.  My boys are my angels that were sent to me, they have taught me so much, and helped me to be more patient than I already was.  They have taught me to never give up in life and to keep trying, no matter how hard things may be...just keep moving forward!  I'm thankful to have been blessed with them in my life!

  And so here I am, the Butterfly Angel, a mother of two autistic angels, and a devoted nurse of 16+ years … until I was laid off from work a few years ago.  I saw this as an opportunity to take on some new adventures in my life(not like Autism isn’t enough of an adventure, right?).  I am a self-taught artist with an absolute love for drawing since I was a child.   I’m also a very thrifty mom always looking to make the most of every last penny in my pocket.  All this while flying around with my two angels can be quite an adventure to say the least.   So nowadays I am a stay at home mom who love’s being creative in every way: DIY, re-purposing,  crafting, cooking, baking, drawing, painting,…Now top that off with everything for my angels: medical appointments, therapy, IEP meetings, even trying to learn sign language!  This blog is my “Creative Outlet” where I wish to share with you my life, love, creations, inspirations and journeys.  So join me for a cup of coffee (my coffee pot NEVER shuts off anymore, lol) and maybe some tears or laughter as this butterfly takes flight.  May you enjoy your visit and walk away inspired as well.  Thanks for stopping by!

This is an older picture of me with my two angels, but I fall in love with it every time I see it.
Can you blame me?